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The Hunter-Holmes AR Experience brings the story of UGA's integration to light so the Athens community can better understand UGA's history and how we got to where we are today. The media to convey the whole story to people today is not easily accessible and our app removes barriers by sharing the media to create an immerse experience with anyone who cares.

In 1961, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes stepped foot onto the University of Georgia’s campus, changing the dynamic of not only UGA but also Athens-Clarke County. On January 6, 1961, Judge William Bootle ordered their admission to UGA on the premise that the university could not determine admittance based on the color of someone’s skin. Students, hate groups and even student organizations on campus protested the decision. Hunter and Holmes found themselves faced to face with angry mobs on several occasions. Concerned with the safety of the students, there were many attempts to expel Hunter and Holmes, claiming that it was for their own protection. However as time progressed, Hunter and Holmes courageously persevered and became successful graduates of the University of Georgia.

Product Features

Augmented Reality

This app lets you experience Hunter and Holmes' situation over the real world by placing visuals in virtual space that you can view through your phone's camera.


This app tracks your location so you can only view experiences that took place where you're actually standing.


This app sends you notifications when you arrive to a location that contains videos for you to watch on the app.


This app offers a checklist so you can know what content you have/haven't viewed.

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